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Legacy South offers bespoke legacy support services that allow you to focus your time on other aspects of your business.

Hayley will meet with you to ascertain what support you require and will then provide a schedule of work based on that requirement. The service is provided on an outsourced basis or by working within your team. This can be for as little as a few hours a month to a few days a week.

Legacy Administration

Legacy South takes responsibility for all legacy matters including:

  • The full administration of a caseload from inception to conclusion
  • Recommendations for a suitable CRM database to keep track of the legacies, if required.

All legacy matters are effectively dealt with, including:

  • The accuracy of estate accounts
  • Effective disposal of property
  • Correct application of tax exemptions.

Legacy South can also maximise your legacy income, for example:

  • By requesting Tax Certificate Forms R185
  • Making sure property is marketed effectively
  • Professional Executors have charged a fair rate for administering an estate.

Forecasting and Accruals

Legacy South provides short to medium term income forecasting and establish and maintain records of accruals for auditing purposes.

Pledger and Donor Relationships

Legacy South manages the pledges received and nurtures the donor relationship, ensuring they feel appreciated on an ongoing basis. Hayley can also help to organise events for pledgers to safeguard their engagement with your organisation.

Private Client Work

  • Probate applications
  • Dealing with estate administration
  • Property visits where legal documents need to be found or a brief assessment of chattels/assets is required.

It is a pleasure to offer you a special award in recognition of all your hard work and effort in dealing with a particularly difficult and sensitive case whilst still maintaining your normal workload. Thank you.

Paul Boissier Chief Executive – RNLI 25th June 2015

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